We strive to make faculty advancement at UC Berkeley transparent and equitable. There is a potential tenured position for every faculty member hired as an assistant professor. Most tenured faculty advance at a regular rate through the steps and ranks. Everyone has a chance to advance, even those who get stalled for a time for one reason or another. We hope that all faculty find success and fulfillment in their research, teaching, and service. The links below guide you to resources if you want to learn more about the advancement process.

Advancement Criteria

The Academic Personnel Manual (APM) 210 specifies the criteria that review committees should use in advising on actions concerning appointees in the professor series. The review committee is asked to consider the record of the candidate’s performance in (1) teaching, (2) research and other creative work, (3) professional activity, and (4) University and public service. Superior intellectual attainment is an indispensable qualification for appointment or promotion to tenure positions. This typically means that there is strong evidence of the impact of the candidate's contributions. To read more about the advancement process and advancement criteria, please consult BMAP.

Career Equity Review

Career Equity Review provides a mechanism to address inequities in evaluation that become apparent only over the course of multiple review periods. CER requests must be made as part of a merit or promotion review. The Associate Vice Provost for the Faculty is available to advise on the preparation of a case and the corrective advancement under consideration.