Supportive Syllabus Language

Mission statement: The purpose of mentioning academic integrity, classroom climate, and supportive measures on the course syllabus is to ensure that all students know the instructor is committed to their academic success. Every syllabus should cover these three areas:

1. Academic Integrity and Honor Code

Suggested syllabus language:

See options on the Center for Teaching and Learning's page on syllabus design

2. Classroom climate 

Suggested syllabus language: 

“We are all responsible for creating a learning environment that is welcoming, inclusive, equitable, and respectful. If you feel that these expectations are not being met, you can consult your instructor(s) or seek assistance from campus resources (see the Academic Accommodations website).

Suggested talking point: 

“The expectation in this class is that we all live up to this responsibility, even during vigorous debate or disagreement.”

3. Accommodations and supportive measures

Suggested syllabus language (from the Academic Accommodations website):

“The purpose of academic accommodations is to ensure that all students have a fair chance at academic success. Disability, or hardships such as basic needs insecurity, uncertain documentation and immigration status, medical and mental health concerns, pregnancy and parenting, significant familial distress, and experiencing sexual violence or harassment, can affect a student’s ability to satisfy particular course requirements. Students have the right to reasonable academic accommodations, without having to disclose personal information to instructors. For more information about accommodations, scheduling conflicts related to religious creed or extracurricular activities, please see the Academic Accommodations hub website: This website also provides a range of helpful campus resources.”

Suggested talking points:

“Seeking help is a smart and courageous thing to do—for yourself and for those who care about you.”

“If you need support, I am happy to help you find the right campus resource who can help. You never need to disclose private personal information to me.”

“I am a Responsible Employee, which means that if you tell me about sexual violence or sexual harassment that you or another student experienced, I need to share that information with OPHD. There are confidential resources I can connect you with.”