Relocation and Housing

aerial view of clark kerr campus, UC Berkeley

Rental Housing Assistance

We offer assistance in locating rental housing. Our rental housing consultant will provide you with an orientation to the local communities and assist you in identifying listings that might work for you. Please email Matt Detert-Turner, Faculty Relocation and Home Loan Counselor, at to set up a time for a chat on Zoom or a phone conference. Matt knows many local properties managers, and can guide you through the process of finding the right place for you. 

In addition, there are a small number of University-operated faculty apartments for rent; most are at the Clark Kerr campus, approximately 1/4 mile southeast of the main campus. Matt can let you know if an apartment is available that meets your needs. These apartments are only offered to Senate faculty at the time of their initial hire. Faculty can remain in one of these apartments for up to two years. The apartments are unfurnished, and the lease agreement is on a month-to-month basis. Pets are not permitted in Clark Kerr housing.

Moving Information

The University will pay a vendor or reimburse a newly hired faculty member for certain moving expenses. Your department or school can assist you with the process.

University Terrace Condos

UC Berkeley maintains a condominium complex called University Terrace for the purpose of providing affordable homes to faculty close to campus. There are 75 condos in nine buildings, including one-bedroom/one-bath, two-bedroom/two-bath, and three-bedroom/two-bath units.

University Terrace is located at 2100 Jefferson Avenue, in a large park-like square, bordered by the streets Allston, Addison, California, and Jefferson.

Re-sales of the condos are restricted to qualified buyers, currently defined as active Senate faculty. (Several units are also being purchased by the University for rental to newly hired Senate faculty; see above.) There is a set formula for purchase prices. Typically, only two to three units become available in any given year. When a condo is available, an announcement is sent via email to qualified buyers from the Vice Provost's office, and names of faculty who respond to the email within 24 hours are entered into a lottery for the opportunity to buy the condo. In keeping with the original mission of University Terrace to provide affordable housing to faculty, the lottery is weighted to favor faculty at the lower end of the salary scale. For more information see

SF Bay Area

The SF Bay Area has much to offer. You will find a plethora of cultures, cuisines, and activities. Whether you are single or raising a family, you can select a nice place to live from a diversity of communities. 

Descriptions of Berkeley neighborhoods and surrounding areas

Realtor Tours

We are happy to arrange for a tour with a realtor so that you can learn more about local neighborhoods and visit homes that are currently for sale. Please email Matt Detert-Turner, Faculty Relocation and Home Loan Counselor, at to arrange for a tour.

Faculty Loan Programs

Information about faculty home loan here at OFEW and emergency loan programs can be found on the Controllor's office website.