Addressing Microaggresions in the Classroom

A written resource on the definition of microaggressions, examples of microaggressions, and how to address micoaggressions in the classroom.

Staff Ombuds Office Trainings

The Staff Ombuds Office offers a variety of classes and workshops to help prevent, manage, and resolve conflict in the workplace. Workshops topics include identifying and addressing workplace bullying, collaborating effectively in the workplace, and analyzing and resolving conflict.

T.R.A.I.L. Prevention & Response Certificate Training

Leadership training for the UC Berkeley campus community (undergrad and grad students, faculty, and staff) to gain skills and tools to prevent and respond to violence and harm using a social justice lens.

Berkeley Faculty Link Program Events

The Faculty Link events are facilitated by Faculty Core Advisors to discuss a variety of topics related to both scholarship and campus/department/unit climate. They provide opportunities for meaningful discussion and career support, and foster connections and community.

Faculty Dialogue Series: Creating Inclusive Classrooms

As part of the Campus Climate Initiative, the dialogues focus on both analysis and action, helping create classroom environments which are more fully welcoming and responsive to students with diverse backgrounds and identities.

Gender and/or LGBTQ+ workshops

The Gender Equity Resource Center offers workshops on gender, sexuality, sexual violence, relationship violence and healthy relationships, creating inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ communities, understanding masculinity and men, and combating sexism and misogyny.