Cutting-edge/new research

Kris Gutiérrez

I believe mentoring the next generation of scholars, particularly first generation faculty and students, is one of the most important responsibilities and commitments I have. I have had the privilege of mentoring and apprenticing both students (graduate, undergraduate, and postdocs) and faculty (particularly early and mid-career faculty) at my institutions and in professional arenas since I was an early career scholar myself. Presently, I am also a mentor for dissertation, postdoctoral, and mid-career fellows for the National Academy of Education & the Spencer Foundation.

Benjamin Recht

I have mentored undergraduate, graduate students, and junior faculty in Computer Science at Berkeley since I arrived in 2013. I look forward to working with faculty at the assistant and associate levels to navigate their way towards success at Berkeley.

Sanjay Kumar

I have been on the Berkeley faculty since 2005 and currently chair the Department of Bioengineering. In addition to formally mentoring several junior faculty in my department, I have served on a number of departmental/campus ad hoc committees and written many departmental letters for advancement, tenure, and promotion. I have also written around 50 external tenure and promotion letters. I look forward to drawing upon the lessons I have learned from these experiences as I advise my faculty colleagues.

Rachel Morello-Frosch

As Division Chair and Equity Liaison in ESPM, and DrPH Program Director in the School of Public Health, I have collaborated with faculty colleagues, staff and students to advance the diversity equity and inclusion mission of UC Berkeley, through development and implementation of DEI plans for my units and programs. I co-led efforts with colleagues to develop faculty cluster hire proposals, including one on climate change and environmental justice, and also worked to improve recruitment, retention and mentoring of faculty, post-docs and students from under-represented groups.

Noah Whiteman

I am thrilled to be on the faculty in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of California. Because of my personal history, I am interested in encouraging those from all backgrounds to join and enrich the scientific enterprise with their perspectives--this includes, of course, those with liberal and conservative political perspectives, those who hold religious views and those who do not, those from big cities or those from rural areas. I am a first-generation college student. I was the first openly gay faculty member in my department at the University of Arizona and I am also the first in my new department at the University of California, Berkeley. I have found academia to be an oasis: at each university where I have worked I came to believe that I belonged there. I look forward to the day when none of us is judged by non-merit based criteria, where none of us has to talk about rising above societal perceptions of income, ethnicity, religion, physical traits, accents, sexual orientation or gender, political opinions and where human diversity is embraced in all of its forms, at all levels in our society and in every place. Until that day comes, we need to talk about it.

Linda Rugg

I have struggled as a scholar with writing, and I feel that I have experiences to share around that struggle. I am a first-generation college graduate in my family, having grown up in the rural Midwest, so I am also familiar with the sense of not belonging in an academic environment. I now work in an administrative role on campus, so I have gained a bird's-eye view of our university culture, its richness and its limitations, and this knowledge could perhaps be of interest.

Linda Burton

I have over 35 years of experience in mentoring students and faculty. I directed NIMH’s Family Research Consortium Postdoctoral Training Program and African American Mental Health Research Training Program for over a decade. I also received the Dean’s Excellence Award in Mentoring from Duke University.

Grace Lavery

I am committed to fostering institutional spaces for queer and trans faculty, staff, and students, and work with faculty pursuing similar goals. Additionally, I am available to advise faculty pursuing public platforms on how to balance intramural and extramural demands and workflow.

Dan Stamper-Kurn

I have risen through the ranks at Berkeley, and so I am familiar with challenges faced along the way. In addition, I am familiar with specific challenges of assembling and managing a medium-sized, team-oriented experimental research group. With my research supported by multiple grants from the NSF, Department of Defense, NASA, and private philanthropies, and having interacted for many years with LNBL and the Department of Energy, I can provide perspective on initiating and managing interactions with funding agencies. I have also been active in the Department and the University on issues of equity and inclusion, and have engaged in many other service and leadership activities within and outside of Berkeley.