Matthew Welch

Professor, Molecular & Cell Biology

When I started at Berkeley my mentoring relationships were mainly informal and my mentors were junior faculty friends in my department as well as senior faculty with whom I shared research interests. However, I now see that new faculty can benefit from a broader spectrum of mentoring and advising relationships. As Division Head of Cell & Developmental Biology, I have set up regular mentoring sessions with junior faculty in our division, which I hope is helping them navigate the challenges they face and is enhancing their career development. I look forward to serving as a mentor and advisor more broadly to other colleagues at Berkeley.   

Matt Welch is a Professor of Molecular & Cell Biology who is working at the interface of cell biology and microbiology. His research program focuses on understanding how microbial pathogens target the machinery of their host cells during infection, with the overall goals of revealing crucial mechanisms of infectious disease and uncovering fundamental cellular mechanisms of general biological importance.