Faculty Link Forums

The Faculty Link forums are facilitated by Faculty Core Advisors to discuss a variety of topics related to both scholarship and campus/department/unit climate. They provide opportunities for meaningful discussion and career support, and foster connections and community.

Please note: Due to the pilot nature of this program, the forums are for senate faculty members, as well as adjunct faculty, clinical faculty, and cooperative extension specialists.

To attend, please register online using the links below.


Fall 2020

All forums will be held from 11:00am - 12:30pm via Zoom. Please register in advance. Participants will be sent the Zoom link after registering.


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Free to be, you and me: Creating a climate of inclusion and belonging

Celebrating inclusion means celebrating the unique individuals who make our community of scholars a model of excellence across the globe. All too often, however, those from underrepresented groups are “othered” and feel that their unique contributions to campus are devalued or tokenized. Faculty Core Advisors will discuss their experiences with this form of othering and describe their journey towards embracing all that they contribute to Cal.

Core Advisors facilitating discussion:

Jill Duerr Berrick, Social Welfare

Georgina Kleege, English

Sanjay Kumar, Bioengineering; Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Frank Worrell, Education

Past Events

October 16, 2020

Navigating Choppy Waters: Promoting healthy relationships with department colleagues

Managing challenging interactions with faculty colleagues can sometimes be an overwhelming proposition. Dynamics of faculty rank, academic discipline, identity, and personality can make knowing how to handle situations tricky. The online environment further adds uncertainty to this terrain. Join us for a discussion on promoting and maintaining healthy relationships.

Core Advisors facilitating discussion:

Serena Chen, Psychology

Amani Allen, Public Health

Rebecca Heald, Molecular & Cell Biology

Maximilian Auffhammer, Agricultural & Resource Economics; International and Area Studies

September 25, 2020

Taking Care of the Flock (and Yourself): Mentoring in the time of Covid

For many of us the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted typical mentoring relationships with students, which can result in their disengagement, anxiety, and stress. At the same time, we are not immune to anxiety and worry ourselves. Faculty Core Advisors will discuss the ways in which they are connecting and supporting their students; engaging with graduate students to support their advancement and continuity, keeping their lab and other groups cohesive when they can’t meet, and maintaining equity in the resources they provide to different students. We will also discuss mental health resources available to us all.

Core Advisors facilitating discussion:

Lisa Garcia Bedolla, Education

Noah Whiteman, Integrative Biology

Cybelle Fox, Sociology

Matthew Francis, Chemistry

May 6, 2020

Is my summer a total wash?!?! Strategies for maintaining productivity, catching up, or just staying afloat over the summer

For many of us, the last six weeks have been focused on moving our courses online, teaching under stressful conditions, supporting the numerous needs of our students, and precariously balancing our personal lives (often with young children at home or eldercare). How do we even think about maintaining our research and writing? This event is an opportunity to discuss strategies to stay afloat and shift the focus toward our own productivity over the summer months. Faculty Core Advisors will help guide a discussion around the unique summer needs of those with lab-based work, remote or field-based work, archival work, and those whose research depends on human subjects, among others.

Core Advisors facilitating discussion:

Max Auffhammer, Agricultural & Resource Economics, International and Area Studies

Noah Whiteman, Integrative Biology

Sharon Inkelas, Linguistics

Joel Moore, Physics

Rebecca Heald, Molecular & Cell Biology

Kris Gutierrez, Graduate School of Education

Matt Francis, Chemistry

Dan Stamper-Kurn, Physics

Donna Jones, English

Linda Rugg, Scandinavian

February 28, 2020

I Need Money: Overcoming Hurdles to Getting Grants

For many reasons faculty often struggle with the process of applying for external funding. This is especially the case for faculty who work on the cutting (or bleeding) edges of their disciplines.  While not intended to offer a nuts-and-bolts discussion of successful grant-writing, this panel discussion will offer insightful information about how to overcome the typical (and perhaps atypical) barriers to initiating and completing the grant-writing process from faculty who have successfully navigated this often-difficult terrain, and how to articulate one’s research in ways that grant committees can recognize.

Core Advisors facilitating discussion:

Dan Stamper-Kurn, Physics

Linda Rugg, Scandinavian

Martin Head-Gordon, Chemistry

Rachel Morello-Frosch, Environmental Science, Policy & Management, Public Health