Family Responsive Policies

We have some of the best family-responsive policies, including:

  • Childbearing leave
  • Tenure clock extension for one year for both men and women caring for a newborn or child newly placed for adoption or foster care (requested within two years of the birth or placement); or for a serious personal health condition, illness of a family member, for bereavement, or for another significant circumstance or event.
  • A reduction of duties (typically less teaching) for one semester for parents who provide at least 50% of the care of a child. Birth mothers are entitled to two semesters.
  • Faculty can use research funds to be reimbursed for dependent care travel expenses when allowable by their granting agency. Learn more
  • We also support faculty with caregiving leaves and temporary workload modification. Learn more

We care about you.

Children and Teens

Elder Care

UCB Elder Care program offers confidential, free assistance for faculty and staff who are caring for, or concerned about an elder. An Elder Care Counselor can answer your questions, help you set priorities and refer you to resources and caregiver support groups both locally and long distance. 

Back Up Care Program

UC Berkeley has partnered with Bright Horizons to offer all benefits-eligible academic employees back-up care when they need to be at work and their regular child or adult/elder care is unavailable. Learn more

Bright Horizons Additional Family Supports

  • Help and discounts for finding nannies, child care centers, tutors, etc., as well as information and resources. (Please note that not all represented employees are eligible for this UCOP-sponsored program. Consult with your union representative for more information).

  • Bright Horizons Family Resources for Life at Home.

Partner and Spouse Employment

We offer several resources for partners and spouses seeking employment.

Health Programs

Be Well at Work Faculty/Staff Health Programs at UC Berkeley
Please visit this link for workshops, resources, and health programs. Workshop topics include health & wellness, ergonomics, disability management, elder care, financial wellness, parenting, and stress management.

Breastfeeding Support Program
Please visit this link for information on the BFSP program, including registration, breast pump products available, lactation rooms on campus, classes, accommodation, supplies and additional resources.

The Pregnant Scholar
This website helps ensure the success of student parents and seeks to advance women’s representation in STEM fields by providing user-friendly information and resources on Title IX for faculty, administrators, and pregnant students and postdocs.  The site includes a wide range of tools—from introductory videos to in-depth best-practice guides.