Pathway to Retirement Option

hot air balloonsUC Berkeley is pleased to offer a special option to faculty who intend to retire and would like to make a smooth transition from everyday expectations in research, teaching, and service to an engagement with the University that is tailored to their special circumstances. A Pathway to Retirement agreement can create a multi-year period of transition that includes special provisions before retirement as well as additional provisions after retirement.    

Faculty members and their chairs or deans may agree to post-retirement provisions formally or informally, with or without creating a Pathway to Retirement agreement.  Such provisions can help to ensure that emeriti continue to be warmly included in their
academic communities as contributing scholars, teachers, and colleagues.  

Pre-retirement provisions should be made with the use of a pathway agreement.  When a faculty member has made a commitment to retire, it becomes appropriate for the University to make special provisions for faculty members who are still in active service.  These mutual commitments are made in language that, while somewhat technical, serves to record and clarify the ways in which both the faculty member and the University are binding themselves.  

The faculty member’s department chair must agree to all pre- and post-retirement provisions, and the dean and vice provost must agree to all pre-retirement provisions.  Faculty members and department chairs are warmly encouraged to review Berkeley’s guidelines for discussion of retirement, which are intended to help support productive conversations.  The Associate Vice Provost for the Faculty (inkelas@berkeley.eduis also available to faculty members and department chairs for confidential discussions about possible provisions.