Pathway to Retirement Overview

One of Berkeley’s glories is the strength of its emeriti, who so often continue to be active as valued scholars, researchers, teachers, and colleagues after they retire. The resources gathered here—many new—are intended to support a smooth transition for faculty members anticipating retirement. 

Some of these resources may be helpful to faculty members who are just curious about an option that may lie a decade or more in the future; in other cases, they provide tools for faculty members consdering more immediate retirement options. 

The UC Retirement Handbook is an authoritative, 32-page publication prepared by the UC Office of the President.

Taking the First Steps Toward Retirement is a one-page assemblage of information for Berkeley faculty members. 

Pension Checks provides a brief overview of the UC Retirement Pension, and a link to illustrative scenarios created by tax and retirement specialists at the UC Office of the President to illustrate the sometimes surprising results of comparing net professorial pay and net pension income. 

Privileges and Benefits Conferred Upon All Emeriti is a one-page summary of information about everything from Senate membership to parking permits. 

The Pathway to Retirement Agreement provides a new opportunity to create special pre-retirement provisions for faculty members who have decided to retire within one or two years.  The key objective of a Pathway Agreement is to provide for a smooth and academically fulfilling  transition before as well as after retirement.   

Provisions Before Retirement offers guidance for faculty members and department chairs and deans concerning new opportunities for Berkeley faculty who have made a definite decision to retire within one to two years.  The opportunities may include changes to teaching and service assignments or waivers of mandatory academic-personnel reviews. 

Provisions After Retirement offers guidance for faculty members and department chairs and deans discussing such issues as office and research space, and teaching recall. 

Guidelines for Discussion of Retirement are intended to help both faculty members and chairs as they discuss the provisions that will help to support a smooth transition before, during, and after retirement.

Some emeriti may be interested in appointment as Professor of the Graduate School.