Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment (SVSH)

The Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD)

The Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD) oversees campus compliance with University of California and UC Berkeley policies prohibiting protected category discrimination and harassment (including sexual harassment and violence). This oversight encompasses responding to and resolving reports of harassment and discrimination from students, staff, faculty, and visitors that are related to protected class and civil rights policies.

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Whistleblower Hotline/ EthicsPoint

EthicsPoint provides a confidential means for reporting suspected misconduct. You may report your concerns online or by phone. With either method you can choose to remain anonymous. [For students, employees, visitors, and unaffiliated]

The PATH to Care Center

The PATH to Care Center leads the efforts to transform UC Berkeley into a community that is free of sexual violence, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, and stalking through prevention, advocacy, training, and healing. For 24/7 urgent confidential support, call the Care Line at 510-643-2005. [For faculty, staff, students, and visitors.]

Social Services

Social Services provides confidential counseling services that are topic-specific and aim to help students strengthen coping skills, problem solve and identify resources. [Serves students]

The Ombuds Office for Students and Postdoctoral Appointees

A confidential, impartial, independent, and informal resource designated to assist the community in managing and resolving conflicts and other types of organizational concerns. [Serves students and postdoctoral appointees]

The Staff Ombuds Office

The Staff Ombuds Office provides informal conflict resolution and problem-solving services for all Staff, NonSenate Academics, and Faculty who perform management functions (including deans, departmental chairs, and directors). The Staff Ombuds Office provides individual assistance, mediation, training, and group conflict resolution.