Professional Development

The following lists a number of professional development opportunities for faculty to enhance their knowledge and skills. 

Select a topic below to learn more about available opportunities.

Some departments, schools, or colleges offer professional development and educational opportunities for their own communities (e.g. Berkeley Engineering or Berkeley Haas). This page lists opportunities available to all faculty at UC Berkeley. Check if your school or college has specific opportunities.

If you know of additional resources you feel should be added to this page please contact us.

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UCLA Implicit Bias Video Series

A series of videos on implicit bias and countermeasures to it.

UC Managing Implicit Bias Series

The UC Managing Implicit Bias Series is a six-course online training series designed to increase awareness of implicit bias and reduce its impact at the University.

UC Berkeley Executive Education

Berkeley Executive Education offers 2 to 5-day programs taught by distinguished professional and laddered faculty at the Haas School of Business and UC Berkeley. The team offers open enrollment programs focused on advancing business and management techniques, specifically designed for emerging and advanced executives. Areas of focus include leadership, entrepreneurship, strategy and finance.

The American Cultures Center Creative Discovery Fellows

The CDF program has been built to respond to a core question of anti-racism and social justice education. "How do we design supports for faculty and students in ways that are adaptive, equity-oriented, and foster anti-racism?" The model is a multi-pronged approach that involves working closely with faculty cohorts and providing near-peer support for students.

Teaching in Troubled Times

These timely, interactive dialogues feature dynamic campus panelists and engage the Berkeley community in exploring how equity and justice challenges – locally, regionally and nationally – are impacting our students, instructors, classrooms, and campus.

T.R.A.I.L. Prevention & Response Certificate Training

Leadership training for the UC Berkeley campus community (undergrad and grad students, faculty, and staff) to gain skills and tools to prevent and respond to violence and harm using a social justice lens.

Staff Ombuds Office Trainings

The Staff Ombuds Office offers a variety of classes and workshops to help prevent, manage, and resolve conflict in the workplace. Workshops topics include identifying and addressing workplace bullying, collaborating effectively in the workplace, and analyzing and resolving conflict.

Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership workshops

The Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL) helps people understand the neuroscience of inclusion and exclusion and how cultural bias can influence decision making and behavior in the workplace.

Restorative Justice Center Workshops and Consultations

The UC Berkeley Restorative Justice Center (RJ Center) offers mediation and restorative processes in response to conflict and harm. The RJ Center also offers a series of workshops on topics such as unconscious bias, microaggressions or identity harms, restorative approaches, anti-racism, and affinity groups.

ReNUWIt Inclusive Excellence Initiative

The Inclusive Excellence Initiative aims to support graduate students, researchers, and faculty in creating more inclusive environments in higher education – environments where all individuals feel welcome, respected, and that their contributions are valued. Resources include suggested steps that students, researchers, and faculty can take to improve the climate in research and classroom spaces, and in peer relationships among graduate students.

Recognizing Microaggressions and the Messages They Send

A written resource on to understand and recognize examples of microaggressions and the messages they send.

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD)

NCFDD partners with UC Berkeley to provide professional development and external mentoring for faculty. They host bootcamps and workshops on various topics to support faculty success.

Multicultural Education Program workshops for faculty

The Multicultural Education Program offers workshops for instructors on creating inclusive classrooms for diverse student populations, revealing climate issues, and understanding and addressing unconscious bias.

History of Human Rights Movement and Disability Activism at UC Berkeley (Disability Access and Compliance)

A brief history of how UC Berkeley became hallowed ground for the Disability Rights Movement worldwide by starting a civil and human rights movement which advocates for equal opportunity for disabled people and pushed back against the Eugenics Movement in this country. This document is a transcript of a speech Ella Callow from UC Berkeley Disability Access and Compliance gave during a Teaching in Troubled Times event on campus.

Grow Today Series and Certificate

This fully online series is designed for everyone, from seasoned people leaders to those desiring to become a manager, supervisor, or team lead.

Gender Recognition: A Focus on Transgender, Nonbinary, and Intersex Awareness

This online course will introduce you to terms and concepts related to transgender, nonbinary, and broader gender nonconforming identities, as well as best practices for name, pronoun, and title usage.

Gender and/or LGBTQ+ workshops

The Gender Equity Resource Center offers workshops on gender, sexuality, sexual violence, relationship violence and healthy relationships, creating inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ communities, understanding masculinity and men, and combating sexism and misogyny.

Faculty Leadership Academy

This leadership development program is intended for tenured faculty who are interested in developing skills and knowledge for leadership on the Berkeley campus.

Faculty Dialogue Series: Creating Inclusive Classrooms

As part of the Campus Climate Initiative, the dialogues focus on both analysis and action, helping create classroom environments which are more fully welcoming and responsive to students with diverse backgrounds and identities.

Executive Leadership Academy

The Executive Leadership Academy (ELA) is designed for individuals from all backgrounds, who are currently serving in administrative positions in higher education, and who are interested in preparing themselves for appointments to executive positions such as dean, vice president, provost, president, and chancellor. It offers a five-day intensive training experience and is guided by a select faculty team, comprised of over 25 senior-level higher education executives.

DSP Resources for Faculty

Curated resources for faculty on teaching students with disabilities, including providing accommodations, making accessible classrooms and course materials, and inclusive design.

Division of Equity and Inclusion consulting and training

Organizational consulting, facilitation and training to help departments with a broad range of emerging challenges and opportunities, including addressing unconscious bias, addressing and improving departmental climate, and strategic planning for equity, inclusion and diversity

Creating a Healthy Virtual Environment Toolkit

A toolkit of resources for creating a healthy, inclusive virtual environment.

Counter Potential Unconscious bias

In this course, diversity expert Stacey Gordon helps you recognize and acknowledge your own biases so that you can identify them when making decisions, and prevent yourself from making calls based on a biased viewpoint.

CORA Webinars

Webinar topics include employing equity-minded and culturally-affirming teaching in remote settings, racial bias and microaggressions, and serving students with basic needs insecurities.

Conversations on Transformation Video Series (Othering and Belonging Institute)

Conversations on Transformation features discussions about belonging, network weaving, and conflict transformation.

Communication, Zoom Events & Disability Access

A presentation by UC Berkeley Disability Access and Compliance covering best practices for communicating with disabled people, making presentations and distributed materials most accessible, and the UC Berkeley process for ensuring legally compliant Zoom meetings.

Center for Urban Education

CUE’s Racial Equity Tools aim to change the minds, hearts, and practices of faculty, staff, and leaders—all of whose collaboration is essential to achieve racial equity in higher education.

Center for Teaching & Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning partners with campus educators -- including faculty, students, and staff -- to inspire, enrich, and innovate Berkeley's collective teaching and learning community.

Center for Creative Leadership Workshops

Workshops to develop leadership skills in sustaining your DEI initiatives, increasing psychological safety at work, and leading in unstable times.

CEJCE Resources for Classrooms and Groups

Resources for helping professors, GSIs, instructors, facilitators and others responsible for educational environments create inclusive and welcoming spaces for everyone in the Cal community, and in particular for LGBTQ+ students.

Berkeley Faculty Link Program Events

The Faculty Link events are facilitated by Faculty Core Advisors to discuss a variety of topics related to both scholarship and campus/department/unit climate. They provide opportunities for meaningful discussion and career support, and foster connections and community.

Anti-Racism in Academia (ARIA)

The Anti-Racism in Academia: A Learning Journey (ARiA) series is a collaborative initiative that was created to inspire a more understanding and inclusive community in higher education by engaging professionals of all levels and across disciplines to combat racism.

Advancing Inclusion and Anti-Racism in the College Classroom: A rubric and resource guide for instructors

This tool aims to support instructors in developing anti-racist approaches to course design and teaching practices in the undergraduate and graduate setting. It offers an accessible, and user-friendly entry-point for instructors interested in considering how their instructional choices impact student outcomes.

Addressing Microaggresions in the Classroom

A written resource on the definition of microaggressions, examples of microaggressions, and how to address micoaggressions in the classroom.

Accessible Syllabus

This website is dedicated to helping instructors build a syllabus that plans for diverse student abilities and promotes an atmosphere in which students feel comfortable discussing their unique abilities.

Academic Ladder Writing Club

An online coaching resource that provides accountability and structure to support faculty in writing efficiently.

Academic Innovations Studio Events

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) collaborates with faculty, departments, and other academic partners to innovate and improve teaching at Berkeley. Event topics include fostering a community of collaborative inquiry, and digital community building and preventing hazing.