Al-An deSouza

Professor, Art Practice

I bring extensive experience of mentoring underrepresented students and junior faculty, from the point of hire through their academic careers. My emphasis is on intersections between race, gender, sexuality, disability and class, and how these might enable possibilities for research and self-development, as well as how they are used as constraints by institutions.

Al-An deSouza’s artworks restage colonial, diasporic, and familial material culture through counter-strategies of memorialization, humor, and (mis)translation. deSouza’s recent books approach language as carriers of colonial ideas that infect artistic and academic practice: How Art Can Be Thought (Duke, 2018), provides an extensive analytical glossary of some of the most common terms used to discuss art; Ark of Martyrs (Sming Sming Press, 2020), is a polyphonic rewrite of Joseph Conrad’s infamous Heart of Darkness (1899)