Mairi McLaughlin

Professor, French

I am someone who regularly seeks out input from my colleagues and mentors: I need to hear a range of opinions before I’ll make important work-related decisions. I’m a firm believer in the value of mentorship at all stages of our careers. Mentorship can take all sorts of shapes and forms from long-term formal relationships to one-off conversations at the water cooler. I am really excited to get involved in a new kind of mentoring as a Core Advisor for the Faculty Link Program!
Mairi McLaughlin is Professor in the Department of French and an Affiliated Member of the Departments of Linguistics and Italian Studies. She specializes in French/Romance Linguistics and in Translation Studies. She has published extensively on language contact in French and Romance, on the language of the media, and on journalistic and literary translation. With Wendy Ayres-Bennett, Mairi has just edited The Oxford Handbook of the French Language (OUP 2024).