UC Berkeley Data

Data-Driven Approach

The Office for Faculty Equity and Welfare strives to examine the "landscape" of faculty equity and diversity at UC Berkeley. This landscape comprises hiring, advancement, and other opportunities to succeed for academic employees of all “identity subgroups,” including but not limited to those defined by race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, physical disability, and age, along with the varied intersections of these groups. In support of our work, we aim to 1) Describe the landscape of faculty equity and diversity on the campus; 2) Make the case that it is both important and urgent that the University work to effectively improve this landscape; and 3) Provide focus and impetus to modify policies and practices to drive necessary change.

Searching for a Diverse Faculty: Data-Driven Recommendations: An investigation of the value of widely recommended "best practices" for diversifying applicant pools and hires at UC Berkeley. 

Faculty Demographic Profile 2016: Faculty profile current and over time by gender, ethnicity, age, and rank.

Senate Faculty Hiring 2015: Information on the diversity of the current faculty and new faculty appointments. 

Faculty Salary Equity: Analysis of salaries of ladder faculty with particular attention to equity by gender and ethnicity.

Faculty Advancement 2011: Advancement rates to associate professor, full professor <step 6, and full professor >step 6 by discipline.

Climate Survey 2011: Report on workplace climate and career/life issues based on a survey of all faculty.

Ongoing Studies

Aging, Work, and Retirement among Late-Career Faculty at the University of CaliforniaA broad study of issues concerning current UC faculty ages 55 and older and faculty emeriti, including the conducting of surveys, interviews with UC Vice Provosts, analysis of longitudinal administrative data, and examination of the UC Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Programs of the early 1990s.

International FacultyAn examination of the effects of different national datasets on evaluations of faculty diversity and consideration of recruitment efficacy for underrepresented minorities.

International Association of Research Universities (IARU): Women and Men in Globalizing UniversitiesA collaboration with nine of the other world's leading research institutions to benchmark the academic ladder, changes over time, and the international mobility of academics. Also, sharing and discussion on initiatives on gender equality implemented by IARU institutions. 


Noticing and Avoiding Implicit Bias in Recruitment and HiringA presentation of information and data findings on the effect of implicit associations on decision-making, as well as findings on the benefits of diverse groups, and reasons for underrepresentation among women and minorities in the academy.